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Nike Patents Shoes That Tie Themselves

The Back to the Future trilogy featured many cool things we all hoped to some day own for ourselves. Whether it was something as high-tech as hoverboards, or as simple as shoes that would lace themselves, there was plenty for us to dream about for the future.

Though hover-skateboards will probably take a bit longer, we may see those self-lacing shoes in time for 2015. Nike has filed for a patent for self-lacing shoes, complete with a charging station. Sure, not every patent filed means we can expect to see the product on the shelves, but we really hope Nike makes these shoes a reality. Who wouldn't want a pair of Marty McFlys?

Oh, and if you've ever felt the urge to mug the kid legging it around the supermarket with light up shoes, you'll be glad to know that the patent for these shoes also details lights on the sides of the soles, as well as a light up Nike logo on the tongue of the shoe.

Click through to Nice Kicks to see more pictures of the patent.

Source: Nice Kicks via Giz