How to Gear Up For An MMORPG

Since the hectic holiday season is now far behind us and we’re now firmly settled into the new year, it’s high time to break the ennui of the everyday with a new hobby. Sure, you can pick up a new physical activity, but why not go the postmodern route and try playing an MMORPG? With the recent launch of Bioware’s new Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO and many other popular MMOs switching to the free-to-play model, now’s the best time for someone interested in breaking into the virtual world of the massively multiplayer.

Every gamer needs their gear, which is why we’ve taken the time to scour Newegg and put together this list of computer hardware. We’ve even broken everything down to offer two or more choices to both suit those who are just looking for a casual gaming experience and the hardcore who are looking to do some serious gaming.

This wouldn't be a Newegg-sponsored article unless we were giving something awesome away, right? That's why we have a brand new Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 - the same one mentioned later in this article - up for grabs. This sweepstakes is running for the next two weeks, so enter the contest here, and good luck!

The contest is now closed. Congratulations to Ryan Hollingsworth from Northport, Alabama. Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned for more contests!

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  • tallfern
    If you get that laptop sell it, the gt555m in there is an overclocked 550gtm and it doesn't work I would know I bought it and it's a real work of rebranded piece of !@#$ that lenovo doesn't know how to fix, don't believe go to the lenovo forums and search in the y570 for gaming stuttering. There's no fixes for it and it makes the laptop impossible to use for any online game that requires reactions timings to keep a character alive.
  • randyzie
    To much gimicky "gaming" things. I can see the naga being nice, but a simple filco or WASD keyboard would be well enough, especially unqiue because you can customize WASD to your liking. Gaming headsets? you're better off using a pair of real headphones and getting a clip on mic, ad700 are amazing for sound position (fps) and don't have that gimicky 7.1 or anything that increases the price. I guess I understand prebuilts, but you really should of mentioned building your own more.
  • randyzie
    I also think RIFT should have gotten a mention, very cheap game and get constant updates and pretty decent looking.
  • airborne11b
    I just ordered an MSi 783 myself to replace my aging SAGER 9262. Got it with 580m GTX, i7 @ 2.2 - 3.2 w/ turboboost, 16GB of ram (it was free upgrade over 8gb lol, both of which are overkill), and a 120gb OCZ vertex 3 SSD. I'm always going out of state on business, sometimes out of country, and it's nice to have a sweet gaming rig to go with me, highly recommended that you get the MSi 783 if you're a gamer on the go (lan parties, business trips, deployments, etc).

    As for MMO stuff, I have to disagree highly with the keyboard. I may be mistaken, but I think the corsair MMO keyboard only allows for the side macro keys to be set up as macros. The Razer Black Widow Ultimate allows for EVERY key on the keyboard to be re-allocated to another binding, or to a macro, or other function. This is an awesome feature! For example, in SWTOR I play a sentinal, which has many skills that aren't on Global Cooldown (can use them as fast as you can press them). I set up my 1 key to be a macro that instantly executes = - 0 9 8 and 7, and I have my in game quick bar set up in a manner so that this macro's 1 key uses my insta-cast buffs if they are up, then seamlessly does my big power builder attack, and if that isn't up, it does my standard power builder.

    The ability to map any key as a macro, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to make MMOs much more enjoyable, as less time is spent slamming keys and more time focusing on the battle.

    So unless corsair keyboard allows for all the keys to be macros, then the best buy would have to go to black widow ultimate for serious gamers.
  • papaswedine
    FX-8120 quad-core? Thought that was an Octa-core part...
  • rush21hit
    papaswedineFX-8120 quad-core? Thought that was an Octa-core part...

    Essentially, it is, but practically it isn't.

    Heck, my spec are :i5 750, HD5850, ASUS P6T, 2x2GB DDR3 Corsair.

    And I still play Cabal Online, Dragon Nest and Ragnarok Online :D
  • noobalert
    Well I got a Corsair Vengeance K90 Its a great keyboard, but they use cheep LED's. My first one lasted less then a week before I noticed the 3/# key had a Dead LED. Sent it back that cost me 15 bucks, wait two weeks for the replacement, and Corsair sent a replacement keyboard with another Dead LED on it. LOL what a joke, these guys are. I don't think I will use another Corsair product again.
  • kojinkin
    You may have heard that Windows 8 is coming soon. But what you may not have heard is that you don’t have to wait to buy a new PC in order to get Windows 8 when it becomes available. Windows 7 PCs come out of the box with everything you need now and later – including Windows 8, for free, after it is released.

    You'll also have the option to choose Windows 8 Pro – for just $14.99. That’s good thinking, too: invest
    in an even more versatile and powerful version of Windows 8, and keeping getting the most from
    your Windows PC for years to come.

    So there's no need to wait. Get your computer now - and get Windows 8 later.

    Maximum Resolution: 1366 x 768
    Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Aspect Ratio
    Display Features: Backlit Display, High-Definition, LCD Display, Widescreen
    Processor Brand: Intel
    Processor Speed: Up to 1.7 Ghz
    Processor Type: Intel Celeron B820
    Cache Memory Installed Capacity: 2MB L3 Cache
    System Bus Speed: Up to 1066 Mhz
    System RAM: 4096 MB
    Memory RAM Type: DDR3
    Maximum RAM Supported: 8 GB
    Total RAM Slots Free: 1 Free/2 Total
    Data Storage Capacity: 320GB Hard Drive Capacity
    Hard Drive Speed: 5400 RPM
    Built-In Graphics Card Model: Intel HD Graphics
    Optical Drive Type: CD-RW/DVD+R, Double Layer, DVD±R/RW
    Maximum Read Speeds: DVD-ROM 8x, CD-ROM 24x
    Maximum Write Speeds: CD-R 24x, DVD-RAM 5x, DVD+R 8x
    Maximum Rewrite Speeds: DVD±RW 8x, CD-RW 24x
    Wired Technology: 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN
    Wired Connectivity: USB 2.0
    Wireless Technology: Wi-Fi Enabled
    Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
    Built-In Card Reader Type: Multi-in-1 Card Reader
    Input Type: SD Card Slot, Microphone, USB, Headphone Jack, VGA, RJ-45
    Output Type: Headphone Jack, VGA, HDMI
    Audio Features: High Definition Audio Support, Built-In Speakers
    Card Slots Supported: SD Card, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMedia Card (MMC), Memory Stick, xD-Picture Card
    Built-In Webcam Features: Built-In 1.3 Megapixel Webcam
    Battery Charge Life: Up to 4.5 Hours
    I play mabinogi, need to know if this comp is good enough for it or how I can make it better
  • kojinkin
    Sorry for the extra info there