Google's Self-Driving Cars Arrive in Nevada

Nevada seems to get all the good stuff: one casino after another, loads of strip clubs, bunny farms and now self-driving cars. On Friday Nevada's Department of Motor Vehicles announced that the Legislative Commission finally approved regulations allowing for the operation of Google's self-driving cars on the state's roadways. These vehicles will be distinguished from traditional human-operated vehicles by sporting a red license plate.

"Nevada is the first state to embrace what is surely the future of automobiles," Department of Motor Vehicles Director Bruce Breslow said. "These regulations establish requirements companies must meet to test their vehicles on Nevada’s public roadways as well as requirements for residents to legally operate them in the future."

To create the regulations, the department partnered with Google, automobile manufacturers, testing professionals, insurance companies, universities and law enforcement, all with a common vision of "saving lives." When the technology is ready for general public use, the self-driving cars will don a green license plate instead.

"Our work doesn’t stop here," Breslow said. "The department is currently developing licensing procedures for companies that want to test their self-driving vehicles in Nevada. Nevada is proud to be the first state to embrace this emergent technology and the department looks forward to sustaining partnerships as the technology evolves."

Several other states currently have bills in front of their legislators that will follow Nevada into the future, Nevada's DMV said. Google has been testing its self-driving vehicles on California roadways since 2010 which have thus far driven more than 160,000 miles without incident. Audi and Volkswagen are just two of many major car manufacturers who have Google's autonomous cars in the works.

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  • CaedenV
    memadmaxBut will the cars play crysis?

    no, but you can while the car drives :)
  • dotaloc
    I'd definitely want manual override. Otherwise, I think it is a pretty great option.

    It'll be a huge deal when an automated car is, inevitably, involved in an accident. Maybe even the party at fault. Even if it is FAR more rare than accidents of non automated drivers, people will demonize it.
  • jordan009
    daygallim 22 and have never touched drugs, have fun with that, i was given the car by my father, and i will never give up the freedom to go ware i want as i want, would you want a bike that tells you ware you can and cant go, without your input? no i didnt think so, so why is a car different?

    I would take you more seriously if your spelling was correct.
  • Other Comments
  • memadmax
    But will the cars play crysis?
  • daygall
    you can have my car, when you tare it from my cold dead fingers.... you will never get me to give up my 1965 corvair, and i will never trust my life to a computer that cant have the situational judgement that i can
  • computernerdforlife
    "you can have my car, when you tare it from my cold dead fingers...." You smoked a lot of weed during the 60's.