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Author Neil Gaiman Creating Videogame 'Wayward Manor'

Neil Gaiman is a man of many talents. After writing TV episodes, graphic novels, short stories, and books, he's finally turning his attentions to videogames. 

With his latest novella Ocean at the End of the Lane out of the way, Gaiman's announced his new project (in conjunction with developer The Odd Gentleman and publisher Moonshark) Wayward Mansion. The game is centered around a ghost whose main goal is to try and kick out squatters who've encroached upon his home.  

According to Gaiman, some of the inspirations for Wayward Manor include his favorite films, such as Arsenic and Old Lace, Blithe Spirit, and The Man Who Came to Dinner. "I kept running into a problem," said Gaiman about the game in its introductory video. "It didn't feel like a novel. It felt like something you had to experience yourself." 

Wayward Manor is taking on the crowdfunding approach that plenty of indie developers are now using. Those interested can pre-purchase the game now at different tiers of payment, each successive tier offering a better reward. Those that decide to lay down $10,000, for instance, will have a chance to have a chat with Neil Gaiman over dinner. 

The first episode of the game is expected to launch in December this year. Depending on the game's success, Gaiman will release future episodes.