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Silk Microneedles May Deliver Medicine Better Than Syringes

As terrifying as immunization shots and vaccinations may be, years of studies and research have clearly shown the important role they play in prolonging our lives. Regardless of how macho some of us are, doctors armed with gigantic skin piercing needles can still be a bit intimidating, especially for the kids. Luckily for our ears and sanity, researchers at Tufts University School of Engineering have come up with an innovative solution. 

According to their latest research paper, bioengineers at the university have successfully created an alternative method to administer drugs that could prove to be even more effective than syringes. Traditional methods of delivery are faced with quite an inconvenient dilemma. While some drugs can easily be swallowed, others are unable to survive in the body's gastrointestinal tract and therefore require hypodermic injection.

Challenging this dilemma with a possible solution, the researchers created a new silk-based microneedle system that is completely painless and doesn't require refrigeration. Unlike traditional hypodermic injections that don't allow a slow release of medication, the silk microneedles are able to deliver exact amounts of medicine over time. No word on when these microneedles will be available to replace current medications, but for more information on the research and the team, head on over to the Tufts University article here.