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WD ShareSpace NAS Brings IT Home


Western Digital’s latest effort, the strongbox ShareSpace, costs only $999 for 4TB, which is a good deal—25 cents per gigabyte. Its “slurp” button for dragging data from an external USB to a folder on the NAS is extremely convenient. Its svelte form-factor and iTunes media sharing make it more than your average IT-guy’s NAS. But to take advantage of most of the ShareSpace’s other features, you really will need someone to manage it who has a bit of networking and IT expertise.

There are other NAS devices on the market with fewer features (and perhaps fewer gigabytes, too) that might seem a little bit cuddlier to families and small shops. However, a consumer with basic tech knowledge should be able to get the ShareSpace up and running as a no-frills networked 4TB (or less with a RAID setup) storage device. In that capacity, it works just fine.

However, with its cold swap-only drives, less than stellar performance and relatively high price, those in the market for a home or small business NAS might want to wait for a price drop or look into other products.