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Mozilla Marketplace Now Open For Testing

Jason Smith, a quality assurance engineer for Mozilla, reports that the Mozilla Marketplace is now up and running for testing. Potential customers will need a BrowserID account in order to sign in, and a nightly build of Mozilla's Firefox 16 web browser.

"We've landed support for the major feature I’m testing on Nightly – Desktop Web Apps Support on Windows, Mac, and Linux!" he said. "For the Linux support, I'd like to thank our contributor Marco for working hard to deliver support for desktop web apps on Linux."

Mozilla Marketplace apps are built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and the company's proposed web APIs. But unlike apps and extensions found in Google's Chrome Web Store, which are locked within the browser, Mozilla's library installs to the desktop -- they can even be launched from the Start menu like any other installed program.

Due to their standalone nature in Windows, Mozilla Marketplace apps can actually be uninstalled from the system using the standard tools in the Windows Control Panel. They also open in standalone windows but without most of the Firefox user interface, thus providing a more native feel.

Currently Mozilla's library is limited to 200 applications, offering titles like Lord of Ultima, Godfather Five Families, a Thesaurus, Beansight, Super Math Adventure, Galactians, My Chat Place and numerous others. The front page offers both Featured and Popular apps whereas fifteen specific categories are lined along the bottom of the browser. These range from travel to games to utilities to social apps.

For those who are willing to install a nightly build of Firefox 16, the sneak peak is worth a look. As Jason Smith stated, Windows, OS X and Linux are alll fully supported.