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Test New Tab in Mozilla's Aurora Build For Limited Time

For a limited time, Mozilla is asking Firefox users to help test the New Tab feature in the Aurora channel. If this new feature looks familiar, it's because Google offers a similar "Most Visited" section on its New Tab page in the Chrome browser, sporting thumbnails of web sites you "tack" into the virtual wall.

For now the New Tab page will display nine thumbnails to websites the user recently visited, presented in three rows of three. As with Chrome, each thumbnail can be permanently affixed using the thumbtack symbol, or deleted by hitting the "X."

An additional "X" located at the far top-right corner of the browser window will close this particular section. The resulting blank page thus shows a small grid-like symbol replacing the former "X." This could mean Mozilla has additional sections in store for the New Tab page, following Google's lead, which may be represented vertically as symbols along the top right side.

"We turned the New Tab feature on by default to make it easier for you to test on Aurora," Mozilla states. "We plan to turn the feature off again on February 16th (next Thursday). You can easily toggle the preference if you want to continue testing it on Aurora past the 16th. Just go to about:preferences and set ‘browser.newtab.url’ preference to ‘about:newtab’, ‘browser.newtabpage.enabled’ to ‘true’ and restart Firefox Aurora."

If you're into checking out new Firefox features even before they hit the Beta channel, Mozilla is looking for your help in testing this New Tab feature. Interested participants can download Aurora and then file bugs here, or read more about the open bugs here. Feedback can also be offered here if that’s easier (#newtab).