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Logitech Unveils Its Ultra Portable Cube Mouse

It may just look like a fancy, oversized Lego block, but Logitech's Cube mouse is actually pretty nifty. There are plenty of small, portable mice out there but the Cube is definitely one of the smallest we've seen. On display here at CES, Logitech's Cube is only a couple inches in length and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Unlike traditional mice, the Cube is sized to be used with a couple of fingers rather than your whole hand. 

The Cube uses a discreet USB 2.4 GHz radio receiver that can communicate with up to six other compatible devices in just one USB port. One of the more appealing aspects to the Cube is its touch-sensitive interface. Tapping on the front or middle acts as your left and right clicks while sliding your finger along the cube activates its scrolling features.

The Cube is great for anybody looking for a portable, wireless mouse, but we would definitely suggest trying it out before purchasing. Its small size can take some getting used to, and for people who prefer the ergonomics of a traditional mouse, it may be a good idea just to skip this one. Logitech's Cube won't be on sale until later this month for $70, but anyone eager enough to make the jump can preorder theirs from Logitech here.