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Roundup: 22-Inch LCD Monitors

ViewSonic VX2262wm

Game On

If you're a gamer, you need look no further than the lightning response you'll find from this monitor. It's easily as good as the LG Flatron W2253TQ, which previously held the crown of the fastest screen.

Another great feature for gamers is that this ViewSonic monitor has an input lag that's only a single frame behind a CRT screen, which will prevent gameplay lagging behind slow graphics.

On paper, this VX2262wm from ViewSonic looks very similar to the old VX2240w (a five star monitor), with the only real difference appearing to be the addition of a pair of speakers.

However, upon closer inspection, it seems that there have been some other changes, too.  In particular, this new monitor is in a much curvier frame than others in the 22'' class, and its new slimline stand is certainly eye-catching.

ViewSonic VX2262wm
  • Great response time
  • High contrast
  • Good design quality
  • Zero dead pixel policy
  • Color handling
  • TN panel = poor viewing angle
  • Very basic support
  • Its excellent response time is likely to please gamers, but will this still be the reference for 120 Hz screens come late 2009?