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Roundup: 22-Inch LCD Monitors

Samsung SyncMaster T220HD

The T220 and the T220HD theyre not the same

Samsung seems a little careless in giving almost exactly the same name to two screens which are only differentiated by the extension HD. In truth, the only real similarity between these two models is their case. On the inside, things are very different. The T220 has a response time of just 2ms, while its cousin the T220HD is at 5 ms. The latter is much slower, and shows images with a noticeable delay. The HD model also uses more power and produces slightly different colors. On the other hand, the T220 does not benefit from the same connectivity as the T220HD, and is also lacking a digital HD tuner.

The T220HD is the 22'' version of the T240HD, and the two models share the same strong points.  Both are computer monitors and television screens at the same time, with all of the video ports and image correction that you’d expect, along with a built-in HD digital tuner. 

The T220HD can easily be connected to a computer, but also to a game console or DVD player.  In terms of its electronics, an image correction chip (which noticeably reduces noise), is included, strongly differentiating Samsung’s range from its competitors.

As for this screen’s looks, there’s nothing new to add.  It comes in the same glossy black plastic case with quality finishing.  To cap it all, Samsung offer a zero dead pixel policy. After unpacking your screen, you have two weeks to spot a dead pixel or subpixel and inform Samsung, who will then replace it.


Even though it doesn’t have a height-adjustable stand or the ability to rotate to a different orientation, the Samsung T220HD gets a 4 star rating in this section thanks to its great connectivity.  It offers two HDMI ports, one DVI, one VGA, a remote control, a digital tuner and a USB hub.

Digital Tuner: Standard or High Definition?

So, does the T220HD come with an SD or a HD tuner?  Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get a straight answer.  As incredible as it may seem, Samsung has said that some models will have an SD tuner, although in most others it should be HD.

If you try asking the European representatives, you’ll get the same answer as us: the T220HD has been delayed several times already to ensure that a digital HD tuner can be fitted.  The American technical specification makes this clear, although the European version is more ambiguous.

Officially, the built-in digital tuner can receive HD images, but until we can complete tests with broadcast pictures, we can’t be certain.


In DVI mode, the screen produces colors that are accurate with its factory settings.  The average gap between colors sent by the graphics card and those actually shown by the monitor is 2.9, a score that’s well above average.  However, it’s possible to obtain even better color at the expense of contrast by connecting a computer via the HDMI port.  Using the default configuration, the deltaE score falls to 2, but the contrast worsens from 729:1 to 515:1, roughly a 30% loss.

Samsung SyncMaster T220HD
  • Multiple video inputs, remote and USB hub
  • Accurate colors
  • No dead pixel guarantee good for 2 weeks
  • Image correction chip
  • Better video performance than on most monitors, but still not quite as good as on Samsung TVs
  • 5 ms Response time
  • Uncertainty over digital tuner: SD or HD?
  • TN Panel = poor viewing angle
  • A VA panel would have been better for showing movies