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Miyamoto: The Next Wii Will NOT be 3D-enabled

It seems like everyone is jumping on the 3D bandwagon, except consumers. Sure, 3D movies are nice to watch in the cinema, but none of us are willing to part with thousands of dollars to attempt to bring that experience to our living room. 3D gaming is no different; so many companies are endeavoring to be the first to bring the experience of three-dimensional gaming to users.

Nintendo kicked things off in the handheld console market with the unveiling off the Nintendo 3DS, due out next year. However, according to Nintendo’s Miyamoto, 2D fans needn't worry about 3D making its way to the Wii. At least not for now.

Asked by (via CrunchGear) if the next Wii will be a 3D console, Miyamoto responded with an "I don't think so." The Mario creator goes on to explain that the 3DS works because it doesn't require the user to have any extra, special equipment. A 3D Wii would require a 3DTV and according to Miyamoto, it'll be some time before there are enough living rooms with 3DTVs to make it worth it.

How long do you think it'll be before you buy a 3DTV?