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Military Scientists Develop Insect-Like Surveillance Drones

We've seen them in movies and video games for quite some time now, but it looks like the military is getting closer and closer to developing real life insect drones. Insect-sized surveillance drones could be quite dangerous seeing as how they will be virtually undetectable and indistinguishable from real life insects. Along with the fact that their sheer size would make them difficult to shoot down, it's no surprise that the military is pouring resources into miniaturization.

After fitting the walls with ultra precise motion capture sensors capable of tracking the position of small aircraft within a tenth of an inch, scientists at the base have been able to create tiny, flapping-wing vehicles such as the robotic dragonfly pictured above. Although the dragonfly doesn't appear to be much more than a pair of robotic wings and a circuit board, it is just one of many prototypes being developed at the base which will eventually be equipped with surveillance technology.

No official photos were released yet, but we can imagine future applications of this technology turning into swarms of insects invading enemy territory and capturing sensitive information disguised in plain sight. No additional information was given on availability or pricing, but seeing as how the applications are meant for military use, it's likely to remain classified.