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Zune HD Might Launch in September

Last month, the (not yet announced) device was accredited with being the missing piece of the puzzle for WinMo users. WMPoweruser reported that the new Zune would have a capacitive, multi-touch OLED screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and TV out, from what looks to be a HDMI port on the side. The site went on to say that the radio would be HD and the device would offer support for HD media playback,  available from the updated Zune Marketplace as well as support 3D Xbox games.

Today rumors say we’ll see the device in the Fall. Ars Technica today cites both their own anonymous sources as well as popular Microsoft Blogger as saying the device will hit stores in September.  Blogger Paul Thurott commented on rumors that earlier this week put a Zune phone at a June release. Thurott posted on his Twitter that, “Just to be clear, the June Zune rumors are * not * about the Zune HD, which is coming out in September.”

As Ars points out, we know there'll be a fourth gen Zune released in the fall, however September would fit in quite nicely, given that it's the normal time for iPod announcements from Apple.

Whether the Zune HD will sport the aforementioned specifications is still unknown, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying that if Microsoft threw a phone into the mix detailed above, I’d be all over it.