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Microsoft, RealNetworks and Yahoo! Sued

According to the Seattle Times, MCS Music America, Conexion Media Group, Cram Renraff, Songs In Black Ink, Hello Darlin' Music, Forest Farm Music, From D's Pen, Happy Sack Music, Joe Hill Music, Rhinestone Cowboy Music, Appalsongs and Appalseed Productions, and Seven Centers Publishing are suing the three tech companies and seeking $150,000 for each copyright infringement in relation to songs by artists like Aretha Franklin and the Carpenters.

Several publications report that all three companies refused to comment or failed to return phone calls requesting comment, which suggests that the record companies actually have a leg to stand on. That said, they could just be hiding under their desks until their legal teams are finished trawling through the 108-page complaint, which ST reports was filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Tennessee.