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Microsoft: Speech Will Be The Next ''Touch''

Is voice the new "touch?" That's what Microsoft's Zig Serafin is claiming, saying that it's the natural evolution from keyboards and touch screens. The comment makes sense, especially to some of us who spend too many hours watching Star Trek and know how easier it is to tell the computer what to do rather than type out commands.

The minds of Microsoft apparently want that kind of world as well, and are already implementing voice recognition into Windows 7, Windows Mobile 6.5, and even Bing Mobile. According to eWeek, the company worked on speech recognition off and on for ten years until the company went full throttle in 2007 once it acquired Tellme Networks.

Based on a comment Serafin made on Microsoft's website, the company will develop speech technology even further for everyday use while also keeping an eye on what the competitors are doing. "Today, speech is rapidly becoming an expected part of our everyday experience across a variety of devices," he said.

Tellme's voice-activated user interface, integrated into Microsoft's speech software, can allow web surfers to browse the Internet using voice commands. The software can even allow users to dictate text messages instead of inserting the text via a keyboard. Exchange Server 2010 also has voice technology, translating a voice message into text.