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MSFT Project Pink (Phone) Rumors Get a Refresh

When the Zune HD was but a rumor on the world wide web, many bloggers wondered if this new-fangled device from Microsoft could be Redmond's answer to the iPhone. More details emerged over time and while the Zune HD was impressive, it was not a cell phone, which disappointed many.

Now that the Zune HD is sitting on retail shelves, it's about time we revisit the Microsoft cell phone rumors; and like clockwork, recent reports have given the whole thing a refresh, with the latest saying that project Pink is a Microsoft-branded cell phone.

Originally thought to be a mobile phone service in development at Microsoft, CNBC's Jim Goldman earlier this year cited "good sources" who said Pink would be combine with the Zune and the technology Microsoft acquired along with Sidekick manufacturer, Danger. Now reports say there could be two phones, codenamed Turtle and Pure.

Sources say Microsoft will debut this phone at CES in January. This seems like a good time to reiterate our previous point: If they just stuck a phone on the Zune HD (and you know, released it outside the U.S.), we'd be all over that.