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16 Features: Microsoft Office Web Apps

Make a New Document in SkyDrive

You can create Office documents in SkyDrive from the New menu in every SkyDrive folder. This offers Word and OneNote as well as Excel and PowerPoint but the OneNote Web app isn’t available at all, and the Word Web app only lets you view documents, not edit them. PowerPoint lets you view, create. and edit files and Excel is the only app that allows you to collaborate with other people on the same document.

When you choose a document type you can actually create, you name the document first and then the Web app opens with a blank document. The New document page and the document details page both show you a preview, which at the moment  does nothing more than show you a really big icon for the file type. If Microsoft were to add templates, then the preview would be much more useful.

  • What if you don't have a New menu in your skydrive?
  • James, if you don't see the new New menu, you don't have access to the Office Web apps technical preview - it is a very limited, invitation only preview, but you might find it appears if you upload files to the Documents folder.
  • Major7up
    Bah, I have not used Office products for several years now and have not missed them one bit. This is not going to get me to try anytime soon.
  • we shall let Google manage the online part Microsoft lol
    I stick with my Office 2010 in the pc and Google Docs online, thank you very much :)
  • I don't see how to use drag and drop of files already on Skydrive (to move them into folders). The current approach seems slow and cumbersome.