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20 Free Microsoft Office Add-Ins

Utility and Misc Add-Ins

Save as PDF or XPS (2007; included with 2010)

An indispensable tool for the Office 2007 user, this add-in can export, save, and email your documents in the PDF and XPS formats, right within the Office 2007 applications. This is great if you distribute documents as they provide format fidelity and security features. There are many third-party add-ins for this type of functionality, but this is offered directly by Microsoft. This functionality actually has been baked right into Office starting with the 2010 release.

Free PowerPoint to Flash Converter (2010)

Steve Jobs might not be a fan of Flash, but MS Office is. This add-in let’s you quickly convert PowerPoint presentations into the Flash format for streaming inside the browser—no technical or Flash skills required. It preserves any animations, trigger animations, styles, audio, video and interactivity in your PowerPoint presentation. You can even insert Flash movies and YouTube videos.

It outputs a single Flash (.SWF) file with all resources embedded. You can embed it onto your website, blog, Intranet, or Facebook page on a static FBML tab. It’s also SCORM compliant and can be uploaded to learning management system supporting SCORM.

The Pro version gives you customizable player templates, audio narration recording and syncing, and control of compression, present info, and company logo.

eBay Plug-in for Excel (2007/2010)

If you’re an avid eBay seller—or contemplating it—this is a must-have if you don’t already use a third-party tool. It helps you list and manage multiple items much quicker than through the eBay site. You can manage up to 5,000 listings at a time via a single spreadsheet.

You can download, manage, and get reports on your existing active and unsold listings, and you can revise, relist, end, and input tracking info for multiple listings with one upload. You can even use a barcode reader to scan UPC codes for category and title information.

LiveWeb for PowerPoint (97 or later)

LiveWeb can assist in inserting web pages directly into a PowerPoint slides so you can access or present a webpage without leaving the slide show. Works with web files on the Internet, Intranet, or locally on the computer, and supports relative paths. In addition to HTML pages, it can display PDF files, java applets, VRML, and other common web files. The webpage or file is even automatically refreshed each time you visit the slide.

  • Thanks Eric for recognizing the value delivers to our customers. I'd encourage you to look at's newest release (v. 3) and see how we're adding 'social' to Outlook and SharePoint.
  • MrFawlty
    Some useful add-ins I haven't heard of there, thank you.

    However good OO or Libreoffice gets, I still return to MS and one of the reasons is the great add-ins available for it.

    The 'Save as PDF' was put into 2007 automatically with SP1 as well, so most people probably have it without realising.
  • KetchupKid
    The Powerpoint to Flash add-on is NOT free. Just FYI ...