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Microsoft Updates Messenger For Mac, Still No VoIP And Videoconferencing


Chicago (IL) - Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit posted a minor update for its Messenger for Mac that features a series of bug fixes and promises to deliver improved support for enterprise environments. Unfortunately, the application still can’t make audio or video calls to users who are running the popular Windows Live Messenger on a PC.

Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit released its Messenger 7.0.1 for Mac as a free download from the company’s Mac site. The application is available for both Intel and PowerPC-based Macs and offers a few tweaks for the Messenger’s enterprise capabilities. Messenger 7.0.1 for Mac delivers enhanced compatibility with the Office Communications Server 2007 and a number of bug fixes - most importantly, fixes relating to European user interface issues. Also included is support for OS X’s Voice Over feature that provides audio feedback on interface options for people with hearing problems.

Besides these improvements, the update offers no new user-centric features. This means that users who run the Messenger as a consumer application, outside of business environment, still lack two key features that the PC version has had for a long time - audio calls and videoconferencing. These omissions seriously limit the usability of the application in our opinion.

Microsoft recently elevated the ailing Messenger for Mac software to version 7, taking the look and functionality of the IM application closer to its PC counterpart. The company indicated that it will deliver support for VoIP and video calls between Windows and Mac users, but there is no timetable when this feature will be available.