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Indiana Company Sues Microsoft, Google, Apple

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing a small company take on a huge player in the technology industry. However, when a company says it’s suing all three at once, it gets a very surprised, “Seriously?” from us.

According to PCWorld, a small Indiana company has sued Microsoft, Apple, and Google over the companies file preview features.

Cygnus Systems claims it holds the patent on the file preview feature which shows users a small snapshot of the file before they open it. The Indiana company Wednesday says the three infringed on its patent with Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, Mac OS X, the iPhone and Safari.

An adventurous move (to be kind about it) by the company, to say the least. While it reads like your typical money grabbing lawsuit, we can’t help but think there might be a grain of truth to this one. For one, Cygnus's taking on three huge companies at the same time is not something you’d do if you were just chancing your arm. Then again, it could be a case of the bigger the lie, the more believable it is.

PCWorld reports that Cygnus applied for its patent covering a "System and method for iconic software environment management" seven years ago, which was granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office earlier this year.

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