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Meebo Shutting Down on July 11, 2012

After being acquired by Google for what's believed to be around $100 million, Meebo’s announced on its homepage that the chat client would be shutting down its services by July 11, 2012. On that day, Meebo will be closing down all of its services, including Meebo Messenger, Sharing on Meebo, Meebo Me, and all Meebo mobile apps. Meebo chat log histories will also be deleted.

Although Meebo’s shuttering its doors, I expect that the browser-based client will be re-launched in some form or another as a part of Google+. It looks like Meebo users out there will have to find a good alternative to the browser-based IM client. Fortunately, Meebo users will have to look no farther than IM+ or imo.