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Apple Bans Android Magazine From App Store

Danish magazine publisher Mediaprovider received a call from Apple last week informing that its Android-based digital magazine was rejected. Although the news isn't surprising, managing director Brian Dixen believes the Cupertino-based company has crossed the line.

Mediaprovider currently publishes “iPhone Magasinet” on Apple's App Store, an iPhone-based magazine in addition to other apps and virtual magazines. Typically the magazine approval process takes up to 14 days, making it difficult to stay up to date. According to Dixen, Mediaprovider's gadget magazine "Gear" takes the longest to approve, blaming the mag's customary front page "babe" as the usual holdup.

However with the latest batch of submittals, the publisher decided to include "Android Magasinet," a magazine dedicated to Google's mobile OS. Dixen said that he eventually received a call from an Apple executive reporting that there was a problem with one of the submitted magazines. Dixen knew it had nothing to do with Gear's front cover. No, the problem had Google written all over it.

So when Dixen asked what the problem was, the Apple executive hesitantly responded with the answer Dixen already knew. "You know... your magazine... it's just about Android.... we can't have that in our App Store."

"It's funny really because I don't think we would sell many magazines on Android through Apple App Store, but the question is where this is going," Dixen later told MediaWatch. "I wonder what will happen if we choose to make the next issue of our magazine about mobile phones in general a theme issue about Android."

Is Dixen correct? Has Apple crossed the line? Has Apple censorship violated freedom of speech (press)? At the time of this writing, Apple was unavailable for comment.

  • phate
    Apple locks down there software/hardware and doesn't play well with others???!!??
    The like to keep a draconian lid on their ecosystem?

    This is news to me!
  • tpi2007
    "Has Apple crossed the line? Has Apple censorship violated freedom of speech (press)?"

    They do it everyday; it a philosophy Steve carries in his head.

    Of course they crossed the line, but I would just suggest they do a website; Steve still can't control what sites people read. When that day comes, Tom's must publish EVEN MORE articles about Apple than they do now in order to get Steve's seal of iApproval ;)
  • sykozis
    Is anyone actually surprised by this?
  • FloKid
    No one should know about Apple's denials.
  • animehair
    Ive never bought a single apple product because of this exact type of philosopy which manifests itself across all their products in one form or another...
  • rohitbaran
    No surprises.
  • onyx_64
  • shovenose
    apple is bad
  • Netherscourge
    It's called business.

    You expect Microsoft to allow Playstation 3 advertising on it's Xbox Live service? Of course not.

  • Pyroflea
    This is so stuck up it's not even funny.