In-Store Billboard, Others Show PS4 Launch Date Nov. 13

Whoops. Media Markt, one of Europe's biggest retailers (similar to our Best Buy here in the United States), is actually advertising in-store that Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 will arrive on November 13, 2013. That certainly falls in line with Sony's promise that the fourth-generation console will be available around the world before Christmas, retailing for $399 here in the States.

Looking back, the PlayStation 3 first launched in Japan on November 11, 2006, followed by a North American release on November 17. The console didn't go on sale in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and New Zealand until March 23, 2007. It was finally launched in South Korea on June 16, 2007.

The PS4 on display at E3 2013The PS4 on display at E3 2013So why the history lesson? It gives us a pattern. Will Sony follow the same schedule and release the console in Japan first, followed by North America? Given the advertised date in Europe is November 13, it's quite possible the console will arrive in Japan and North America prior to that. If anything, we have a better ballpark figure now, and know it will be a good idea to cram change into the piggy bank before Black Friday sneaks up once again (aka time flies).

The spotted advertisement stems from NeoGAF member Cyborg who took a photo of the standing advertisement in a Media Markt store in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Additional members replying in the thread are also pointing to European online outlets that are advertising the November 13 date as well. is a good example, showing a November 13 street date on the console's product listing.

In another post on NeoGAF, one member is claiming that the North American release date will actually be in late October. "The manager at Best Buy said that they have an internal email saying 10/29/13 release date, date subject to change, and not to release that info to the public." It's noted that October 29 is also the date Battlefield 4 is hitting store shelves which is included in GameStop's PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 LE Bundle for $459.98 USD. However EA has already stated that the October 29 date has nothing to do with the Xbox One and PS4 versions (although we're betting EA is pushing that date for next-gen anyway).

"No further announcements/comments to make at this time," Sony told IGN. "PlayStation 4 is launching this holiday season."

"[This is] this is "pure speculation", Sony told MCV. "Other than 'Holiday 2013', we've not made any formal announcement about the specific launch date of PS4".

Hear that? It's the clock ticking down the days to the console's release. What a hot holiday season this will be... my wallet is already starting to burn a hole.

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  • howee
    On the EB Games website (Australia), it is stated that the console is 'Coming in 2013'. Now I am guessing that they would have been told by Sony that it is coming in 2013, and not just saying this.