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MasterImage 3D Launches HD Glasses-Free 3D for Mobile

On Friday MasterImage 3D officially released both its glasses-free 720p 3D display for 4.3-inch smartphones, and its glasses-free WUXGA (1920 x 1200) 3D display for 10.1-inch tablets. The panels reportedly use the company's Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier Technology which promises brighter images, lessened crosstalk, reduced moiré effects (or rippled appearance) and the widest possible viewing angle.

"This technology is truly pioneering for the 3D industry.  Literally, never before has anyone seen 3D resolution on a smartphone or tablet that looks so compelling and amazingly beautiful and doesn’t need glasses," said Roy Taylor, Display EVP and GM, MasterImage 3D. "The ability to view movies, read animated books, take pictures and video clips and play games—all in 3D that’s a joy to look at— is an astonishing breakthrough."

The smartphone glasses-free tech made its first appearance back in October during FPD! International in Yokohama using a TFT panel supplied by CMI. Using the same quote stated on Friday, the company said that its Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier Technology is a proprietary solution that was invented, patented and mass-produced as the leading technology in glasses-free 3D display.

Naturally both displays will be primed and ready for viewing next week at CES 2012. The demonstrations will consist of multicore OMAP4430 and OMAP4460 mobile processors from Texas Instruments Incorporated, Chimei Innolux TFT panels and the latest Google Android operating system in addition to the 3D tech. Examples will include 3D movie trailers, music videos, 2D to 3D conversions and more.

As of this writing, MasterImage 3D hasn't released a possible list of partners that would use its technology. More info will likely be released next week, so stay tuned.