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MasterCard Pulls Plug on WikiLeaks Payments

CNET is reporting that MasterCard is now blocking payments to WikiLeaks. A spokesperson for MasterCard Worldwide said Monday that the website can no longer accept MasterCard branded products, adding to the financial woes the whistle-blowing website is currently facing.

But will it even matter now? As of this weekend, WikiLeaks has amassed an army of mirrored sites aimed to keep the WikiLeaks cause alive. Still, the site continues to accept donations, however now thanks to MasterCard, supporters can only use a Visa credit card-- until that too is blocked..

In addition to MasterCard, WikiLeaks has taken several additional kicks in the money bags, first by the Swiss authorities after they shut down a bank account used by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. PayPal also stepped in to wreak havoc on WikiLeaks' finances, permanently restricting the account used by the group.

Since the release of the first batch of sensitive US embassy diplomatic cables, WikiLeaks has come under fire from all fronts, ranging from government officials to DDoS attacks to web hosting providers. Assange is also suffering an indirect attack thanks to a current Swedish arrest warrant.

Tuesday Assange was arrested in London and ordered to remain in custody until a hearing next week. Assange faces a possible extradition to Sweden where he's wanted for questioning in regards to old sexual assault charges which includes molestation, rape and "unlawful coercion."

"This is going to go viral," said Assange's lawyer Mark Stephens after the judge refused to set bail earlier today. "Many people believe Mr. Assange to be innocent, myself included. Many people believe the prosecution to be politically motivated."