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Big Reveal from BioWare Next Month

It's time for a little fun and games for the next few weeks thanks to BioWare. The famed developer has tossed out a few teases over the last twenty-four hours that point to a big reveal during Spike's Video Game Awards on Saturday, December 11.

The hype begins with a 20-second teaser trailer that spends only 4 seconds showing footage of the mystery military-based game, and 16 seconds of pure filler. The brief glimpse shows a soldier sneaking up to a shattered window and raising his weapon as if gearing up to snipe a head or two. That's it.

Fans have already dissected the meaty 4 seconds, concluding that the weapon may be the M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle from the Mass Effect 2 Aegis Pack DLC--or it could be a reused asset. Naturally we're hoping for the former conclusion, fulfilling EA's previous forecast that something "far-reaching" was headed to the Mass Effect franchise during Q4 of the company's fiscal year (Q1 2011).

The next two clues get a little crazy. BioWare tossed up a QR code on Twitter that--when decoded--consists of a string of 1s and 0s. When converted, the final code reads 55.845, the atomic mass of iron. BioWare then threw up another QR code on Twitter, this one also containing binary code that translates into -128.5°F. When converted to Celsius, it becomes the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth, listed at Vostok, Antarctica back in 1983.

That said, in the Mass Effect universe, there's a Vostok solar system containing four planets and an asteroid belt. The asteroids are reportedly rich in metal, including iron. There's also a planet named Aequitas in the Fortis system with a surface temperature that matches -128.5°F. The planet is known for its "famous Iron Canyons."

Are we having fun yet, or what?