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App Plays Mario Sounds to Match Your Movement

Apple has approved an application for the App Store that will no doubt be removed before the week's end because it's not approved by Nintendo. So, if you're into all things Mario, grab it while you can because iRwego is probably one of the coolest pointless apps we've seen.

Install the app, hit go and iRwego will play one minute of Mario music along with the appropriate sound effects to match your movements. Pop your phone in your pocket and dash around, running, jumping and acting like a crazy person in general.

According to CNet, developer Jerome Alves says there's an updated version awaiting approval from Apple that adds extra music as well as vibration for sound effects like breaking bricks.

Haven't you always wanted your own Mario sound effects to play as you walk, skip and jump? Alright, but you kind of want it now that you know it's possible, right?

[Update] Fearing the wrath of Nintendo, Alves has pulled the application from the App Store. Boo-urns! Full statement and embedded video of the application at work included below.

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