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MPAA: Congress Should Encourage 3 Strikes

Originally Hollywood wanted movie pirates to walk the plank, however now that's not good enough. According to Wired, the Motion Picture Association of America wants pirates to be "off with their heads" by asking Congress to encourage a three-strike rule against offending file sharers. Hollywood also wants Congress to make Internet Service Providers filter out pirated movies altogether.

The request stems from a 35-page lobbying letter (PDF) to the Federal Communications Commission submitted on Friday. Hollywood is hoping that the request will be drafted into the FCC's recommendations to Congress for a national broadband plan. If the attempt succeeds, file sharers could face permanent disconnection from the Internet, or rather, a beheaded broadband access.

 "These efforts, which include graduated response policies as well as technologies such as watermarking and filtering, have proven to be successful in various contexts,” the MPAA states in the letter. “MPAA strongly urges the commission to recommend that Congress encourage multiple efforts to deter unlawful activity and not interpose any legal or regulatory obstacles that would per se bar the use of any otherwise lawful methodology."

Public Knowledge, a digital rights group, opposes the proposed filters, saying that filtering is a form of privacy breach. "You don’t break into peoples' houses to see if people have stolen books,’ said spokesman Art Brodsky. "This is an assumption of guilt that they have to look through everybody’s bits." Brodsky added that the MPAA's proposal isn't consumer friendly.