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Signeo Takes On Monster with Ludacris Earphones

Signeo is using CES 2011 as the launch pad for a new line of headphones that are endorsed by none other than rapper Ludacris. 

"It was important to our team to create a collection of audio concepts that not only delivers a powerful and precise listening experience, but also embodies the kind of style people look for in a nice pair of sunglasses or even a sports car", said Bob Bonefant, Executive Director of Signeo USA. "Ludacris is a perfect partner for us as he is the consummate individualist and has such a talent for infusing a distinct style into everything he does."

Signeo is kicking things off with a fistful of models in all the most popular form factors. Whether you’re into noise cancelling, in-ear, or over-ear, the SOUL by Ludacris line has got you covered with the SE 49, SE99, SL100, SL150, and SL300. No word on pricing just yet but we do know that they’ll be hitting retail stores in ‘early 2011’ so it should be any time now.

We’ll look for these at CES (they officially launch tomorrow) and let you know how they sound. If we can’t get a hands-on, we’ll at least know that the colour is very loud. Look how gold they are!