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Gamer Officially Marrying Virtual Girlfriend

Recently we wrote about game developers becoming addicted to a Nintendo DS game called Love Plus, a dating simulator that apparently offers a few addicting qualities. The report highlighted a few scenarios where game developers would sneak off into the bathroom and socialize with their virtual girlfriends. Another man would even take the DS to the movies and place it into the next chair as if the virtual girl had an interest in what was on the big screen.

Now the obsession has reached a new level of "wow-ness," as IT Media News (via Boingboing) reports that a man will officially marry his virtual Love Plus girlfriend this coming Sunday (before Cyber Monday). Known only as SAL9000, the obsessed gamer fell in love with Nene Anegaski, unofficially married the virtual chick, and even took her to Guam for the honeymoon.

Of course, because she isn't...well... real, this meant he took the Nintendo DS to Guam. During the trip, he used the video-sharing site Nico Nico Douga to livecast the honeymoon, and also documented the trip by using the augmented reality iPhone app Sekai Camera. There was no word on how the couple managed to get through the first night of the honeymoon.

As for Sunday, this will be an official ceremony even though the two are already married. Because we don't have this game on hand, we're not exactly sure why anyone would want to marry a Nintendo DS character. There's a small hint of viral marketing going on--just as in the last report. However, if Love Plus is indeed as addicting as many claim, maybe there's some type of subliminal messaging going on that speaks to the lonely.

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