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New App Pays You to Put Ads On Your Lockscreen

Having a lock screen on your phone is a no-brainer but we do a lot of swiping to unlock every day. Thanks to a new app, you can get paid for all the numerous times you lock and unlock your phone throughout the day.

Dubbed Locket, the application places ads on your lock screen and gives you a penny for each swipe (maximum three pennies per hour). The app's description in the Google Play Store says users will have the option of opening the ad or unlocking their phone with one swipe but will get paid either way.

The application is only open to those in the United States for now, and users who refer friends will get $1 added to their account (though it's not clear if this will be a permanent offer). According to Engadget, earnings can be either cashed out, or put on a gift card. The philanthropists out there can even give theirs to charity.