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Windows XP Created in LittleBigPlanet 2

Now here's an interesting concept: create a Windows-based operating system within a console game. That's what four PlayStation 3 gamers have done while using the toolset provided with Sony's LittleBigPlanet 2 beta.

Slated to hit the PlayStation 3 on January 18, LittleBigPlanet 2 sees the return of the icon-like Sackboy and all the gameplay mechanics and visual designs that made the original platformer such a huge console hit. But unlike the first installment, the built-in editor doesn't just make new levels, but instead allows the user to create entire games within the game.

Back in September, Sony began sending out LBP2 invites to users "who've been really active in LittleBigPlanet." Since then fans have been experimenting with what Sony calls "a platform for games."

"A powerful new set of tools awaits you, tools that vastly widen the scope of possibility, and that hand you the power to create WHOLE GAMES," reads the official website. "Through a familiar but revamped Popit, you can bring your characters to life, compose your own music, direct cinematic masterpieces, wire controllers directly in to your contraptions, connect easy to use switches, microchips and circuit boards to build epic bosses, vehicles, machines, and puzzles."

But instead of creating a unique game, LittleBigPlanet 2 beta users Boss_Mob, SaggySackBoy, tomatenbrei, and daFRED94 faithfully recreated Windows XP, complete with a Start Menu, a working cursor, built-in games and more. According to the video, the "level" now supports multiplayer, allowing friends to log on together and control their own mouse cursor.

The recreated OS itself isn't an exact duplicate, however the user can access pictures, videos and music listed in My Computer. Accessing Windows on the C-drive produced no results, and the user received a keyboard error when trying to access the Internet from Internet Explorer. However when the user tried to delete System32 from the Recycle bin, he received a BSOD reading "Windows Fatal Error."

Given that LittleBigPlanet 2 is still in beta, we're curious to see this virtual Windows XP platform after its been retooled in the full-blown editor. We're also curious to see how Sony will react to creations that mimic properties by Microsoft, Nintendo and other companies. Will Sony swing its mighty Ban-hammer?

  • Scanlia
    Oooo, looks blobby
  • elcentral
    this stuff makes me happy inside :b
  • Travis Beane
    Alright, I'm impressed.
  • ProDigit10
    doesn't look and sound like xp at all...
  • Marco925
    Reminds me of the flash video on Albino Blacksheep called Windows RG (Really good edition)
  • TheCapulet
    Keep em coming, I need more deals on worthless bullshit! And you "accept the paypal". Holy shit, that takes a load off my mind. Now I know I'll have no issues shopping for crap I don't need.

  • mayankleoboy1
    after ps2 emulators on windows, i guess bi brother ps2 strikes back!
  • Darkerson
    Thats kinda neat.
  • HappyBB
    Hell No!!! No ban should be employed to this game. Total freedom should be granted to users of this game's toolset, as long as it's not used to do harmful things. Come to think of it, how powerful is this toolset gonna be? Can it create something harmful?
  • belardo
    260511xp is dead, get over it.
    Actually, its not. XP is more alive than Vista... before, today and in the future.

    Long live Amiga!