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Lexicon Blu-ray Loading Less than 5 Sec.

DVICE is reporting that Harman International is working on a Blu-ray player (Lexicon BD-30) offering load times less than five seconds for non BD-Live titles. Harman's VP of marketing Marc Kellom told the site that the player will also be capable of loading BD-Live titles in less than 30 seconds.

"Compare that to the Pioneer Elite 03 with 51 - 90 seconds to load and Sony's S350 or S550 at 28 - 67 seconds, and you can see it is much improved," he said.

According to info provided by Harman, the player supports DVD, SACD, DVD Audio, Compact Disc, and video & audio over USB. Using Anchor Bay's VRS technology, the player presents full HD 1080p output, True 24p video, HDMI and more.

Kellom also told DVICE that the BD-30 should cost consumers around $3000 USD when it finally goes retail.