LEGO BlackBerry is the Funkiest TV Around

LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya was recently commissioned to build a replica of RIM's BlackBerry Tour. Saway writes on his blog that this project wasn't like some of the other work he's done. "It couldn't be just a static replica, it needed to have a video screen that really worked."

Nathan says that it took some trial and error, but he was able to embed a flat screen TV into his brick sculpture to get the effect of having working.

Check out the pictures of his creation below.

If it's a video you're hankering after, you'll have to click on through to Nathan's blog for the QuickTime clip.

*Image credit: Nathan Sawaya

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  • darkknight22
    not going to lie, kind of wish i had his job.
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  • gilbertfh
    That is pretty cool... if it wasn't so cost prohibitive I would love to do something like that for the kids room.
  • jednx01
    Wow that's a ton of legos... I can't imagine how much that would cost. Looks cool though. This gives me a ton of cool ideas. You could make a massive gameboy or something similar.
  • darkknight22
    not going to lie, kind of wish i had his job.