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3D Laser Projected Sharks Invade CES 2012

Not to be mistaken with the popular snowboarding equipment company, Japan-based Burton has created what appears to be a laser powered projector that is capable of creating 3D images and animations. Called the Aerial True 3D display, Burton brought along a smaller version of the project to display here at CES.

Although the device is still in its prototype stages, the company has been working on it since 2006 in collaboration with Keio University and Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. The most recent update to the system is capable of projecting 3D objects at 50,000 dots per second at 10-15 frames per second. The company has come a long way as the first version of the system was only capable of projecting 1,000 dots per second.

According to the company, the display creates a "plasma emission phenomenon" in which multiple lasers pointed in different directions produce mobile dot arrays that reveal a 3D image. The device at CES ran a demo loop which created 3D sharks, words, stars and various other shapes. As exciting as the display is, a smaller sized unit such as the one on display at CES is expected to cost a wallet-busting $100,000. Unless you have that much money laying around, you can check out Cnet's video below to see the device in action.