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Kim Kardashian Could Be the New Lara Croft

There's been tons of Lara Crofts over the years, the most famous probably being Angelina Jolie. Sure there's still a barrage of Lara's patrolling every video game trade show known to man but who's going to fill Jolie's hot pants and take on the role of Lara on the big screen?

Word on the street is Kim Kardashian is in discussions to replace Jolie as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movie franchise. According to Showbizspy Kardashian is in discussions to become the new Lara and the reality TV star, who's already appeared in CSI: NY, is said to be taking acting lessons.

Showbizspy cites Hollywood sources that say Kim gets a lot of scripts but doesn't want to be seen as making the same mistake as a lot of other 'famous people' who can't act but appear in movies anyway.

"She gets scripts sent to her all the time, but unlike so many other famous people she doesn’t just want to make a film without first learning the craft."

Who do you think would make the best Lara Croft? Let us know in the comments below!