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LG Introduces 3G Wrist Phone

We all have a friend or relative who, no matter what they do, cannot go a day without losing or misplacing their phone. Whether it's in between the couch cushions or left behind at a bar or restaurant, the elusive phone is the constant subject of stress and pulling of hair.

Enter LG, who now take Dick Tracy's wrist communicator to the next level. The LG-GD910, unveiled by LG Korea today, is a "wrist phone", with an impressive list of features. The GD910 offers 3G and HSDPA, which LG claims will give the wrist phone download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. The package is delivered with a 1.43 inch color LCD touchscreen, giving it a profile of a larger-than-average watch--although using your fingers to get around already takes up a significant portion of the screen real estate.

The GD910 also has a built-in video camera above the screen for video conferencing. This, combined with Bluetooth, MP3 playback, voice dailing and text-to-speech capabilities makes for an impressive offering in a small and hard to lose package. While web browsing may be difficult on the small screen, the fast data speeds should allow for some smart file transferring when in a pickle, and is sure to be a time-killer in the subway or during class.

While the GD910 is certain to make a splash at CES 2009, this isn't the first we've heard of wrist phones from LG. Last January, shots of a prototype wrist phone showed up on the web, leaving many guessing about specs and a release date. With the production model confirmed for CES 2009, and plans to launch the phone in Japan and Europe, all you crime-fighting wannabes can finally have a wrist communicator, with the ability to surf Facebook in between busts.