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Weird LED Disco Shoes Come with Attached Floor

Now here's one of those articles that really isn't hardware or software related. In fact, I would have passed this over had I not read Craziest Gadgets' entire blog thoroughly and nearly hit the floor. Of course, someone out there will totally dig the Billie Jean LED Light-Up Disco Shoes, and if it weren't for the fact that the LED tiles (which emulates MJ's electric step in his Billie Jean video) were attached to the shoes, I might have considered picking up a pair to wear.

But now all I can do is imagine someone walking down the street wearing these things, the LED tiles underneath lighting up with each step like some form of electric platform shoes of the 70s. Apparently each tile contains 9 LEDs which light up thanks to a pressure switch mounted in the shoes. The whole setup is powered by a battery pack that can be stored in your pocket.

"This project was built in a bit of a rush for a party, and there are many things I would have liked to do better with it," the designer said. "They are still awesome though, and plenty bright enough for a club. They look surprisingly cool when not lit up too."

Sure they do.