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Lebedev Studio Creates Slick LCD Keypads

Although not the first of keyboard interfaces to utilize LCDs for buttons, the Optimus Mini Six keypad designed by Art Lebedev is a cool and convenient addition to any computer user's desktop. With six completely programmable buttons to be used as shortcuts, widgets, macros and functions, the Optimus is useful for just about any situation.  No additional information on pricing was given but the Optimus keypad is expected to be released by the end of 2011.

In addition to the six button keypad, Lebedev has also been working on a full LCD keyboard to be released in 2012. With every button programmable to display letters, symbols and shortcuts, this keyboard can fit every users needs. The keyboard also has additional displays to include widget-like information such as weather and messaging. These screens will likely be programmable for additional gaming info as well. Check out Lebedev's site for more interesting designs.

  • Thunderfox
    Will it cost less than $1100 like the first one did?
  • mlopinto2k1
    Yes! Very, VERY image!!! lol
  • fb39ca4
    of course, the keyboard doesn't have the number pad, so u are forced to buy a matching one of their number pads if u want one.
  • Anaxamenes
    Now this is a gaming keyboard! the buttons could display icons for your game and make it far more interesting and interactive.
  • mdillenbeck
    I was recently reading a debate between command-line and GUI - and a keyboard like this could remove many of the learning constraints and cognitive loads of using a command-line interface for the novice. Of course, you'd have to have someone program how the keys change and perhaps even rethink how you make your shortcuts.
  • The Greater Good
    Holy spam, batman! Good lord.

    On topic, nice keyboard. Too bad the NUM pad is not included.
  • jj463rd
    AnaxamenesNow this is a gaming keyboard! the buttons could display icons for your game and make it far more interesting and interactive.They would especially be useful for complex flight simulations with hundreds of controls
    (not having to remember individual keys or looking at a chart or having to use a keyboard overlay).

  • If you play games you dont care for a num pad
  • theoldgrumpybear
    For how long has the Optimus keyboard from Art Lebedev been "coming soon"?
    I remember seeing his website show a prototype more than five years ago, and every time I have checked back it will be arriving "current time+2Q"...
  • fir_ser
    The second full LCD keyboard is more interesting.