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The Tiniest MP3 Player Ever?

If you're bemoaning the trend of contemporary MP3 players with all those unnecessary bells and whistles, then The Kube is perfect for you. Despite its miniscule size, this cubic portable media player lasts up to six hours on a full charge. With a total max charging time of one hour, this charge-to-usage ratio is pretty efficient.

The Kube plays music stored on any memory card inserted into the playere's microSD slot (it comes with a 2GB card). Therein lies the problem: 2GB isn't that much space nowadays, especially for users who insist on high bitrates. On the other hand, at $35, the Kube is pretty cheap. Also, since flash media is literally cheaper by the dozen nowadays, a high-capacity memory card is easily within a budget buyer's reach.

The tiny music player is available from ThinkGeek, through the link below. Available colors are Black, Green, Pink, White, and Yellow.

Kube Tiny MP3 Player