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Report: Google Working on 7-inch Kindle Fire Rival

A few weeks back, we heard that Google could be planning its own tablet for entry into the market sometime in 2012. However, it seems Google may not go after tablet King Apple with this new device. No, according to the latest rumors, Google wants to take on Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Digitimes reports that sources from Google's upstream supply chain believe that if Google is making a tablet, it will target Amazon with a 7-inch device that will compete directly with the Kindle Fire. The news follows word from Google's Eric Schmidt, who said in December that the company had plans to market a high-quality tablet. Schmidt didn't say that this tablet would be Google-branded, but his comments kicked the rumor-mill into high-gear nonetheless. This week, Digitimes' sources are adding fuel to the fire. They say the device will be a Google tablet running on Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, and will retail for even less than the super-cheap Kindle Fire ($199).

Google has yet to confirm the reports -- in fact, Google Taiwan commented that the company has never heard about plan of launching own-brand tablet PC. However, many feel that it's about time Google got into the tablet business. After all, the company launched Honeycomb, a version of Android optimized for tablets, last year. In October, the company debuted Ice Cream Sandwich, a mash-up of Gingerbread and Honeycomb designed for both tablets and smartphones. Google already has a successful line of own-brand smartphones under the Nexus moniker, so it makes sense to join the tablet race, too.

Would you consider a Google-brand tablet if the company were to launch one? Let us know in the comments below!