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Kickstarter Project Turns Gameboy Into Musical Instrument

Long before smartphones, tablets and Angry Birds there was the Nintendo Gameboy, a portable gaming system that revolutionized the video game industry. It's gigantic form and miniature monochrome display are sure to bring back feelings of nostalgia, but perhaps not quite as much as its iconic sounds. At least that's how this Kickstarter project feels.

The project involves incorporating a resonant low pass analog filter into the classic Nintendo Gameboy, effectively transforming it into a nostalgia inducing musical instrument. The modification comes with external controls for Cutoff, Resonance, Bypass, Envelope Follower and also an internal Mode selector switch.

With 10 days left to go the project is only $562 towards its $2400 goal, but that may be because contributors have to chip in a hefty $90 for their own bare-bones kit or $174 for their own modded Gameboy with 6 volt power supply.