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Kazaa Resurrected, Rebooted

Kazaa, a widely popular P2P service years ago, has been resurrected and rebooted, now surfacing as a legal download music service rather then retaining its notorious illegal file-sharing theme. Digital Journal is reporting that Altnet and parent company Brilliant Digital Entertainment will offer songs and ringtones from all four of the major recording companies through a subscription service plastered with the Kazaa label.

Launching with one million legalized songs, the new Kazaa subscription service can be paid in two ways: through a credit card or included in the subscriber's monthly phone bill. According to the Kazaa website, the service will offer unlimited downloads for $20 per month, throwing out the "per song" download fee. For now, Kazaa remains in its beta stage, and has been available for the last several months.

"This is the next step. In the next six months, you'll see a premium version of this player. With that, you'll also see some sexy applications added to the Kazaa player," said Sharman Networks' CEO Nikki Hemming. Sharman purchased Kazaa back in January and revealed last week its Internet advertising deal with Double Click.

While unlimited downloads may seem like a good bargain for $20 per month, the music is not DRM-free. The service only supports PCs as well, leaving Linux and Mac users--including iPhone and iPod owners--out of the loop. Once subscribers cancel their accounts, the music is no longer available.