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Collision Leaves Earth-sized Hole in Jupiter

Over the weekend NASA was contacted by an amateur astronomer from Australia named Anthony Wesley who spotted a new scar close to Jupiter's south pole.

Wesley says the black mark itself is the large cloud of debris that's left over from an enormous explosion that was most likely caused by a comet or an asteroid. Wesley continued on to say that we earthlings should be thankful for the size of Jupiter's gravity as it tends to collect a lot of debris that would wipe out our own planet.

According to Sky News, experts at NASA believe the planet could have been hit by a 1 km-diameter comet traveling at 135,000 mph (60 km per second).

  • megamanx00
    I just thought of that movie Armageddon just now. I'm sure if something like that threatens earth the Japanese will have a giant robot ready to go into space and push it out of the way while Congress is still voting on the color of a very big rocket to shoot at it.
  • Shnur
    Tom's, one place, all the news.
    Awesome to know though :D
    I usually don't check astronomic sites but some news is always good.
  • AdamB5000
    Cheers to Jupiter. Nice work.
  • JustinHD81
    Megamanx00 I don't think Japan has enough room to build the size of robot needed, most likely they'd design it, and the Chinese would build it, and Australia would provide the majority of the resources required.
  • tipmen
    Way to take the hit for the team, Nice work Jupiter! better you then us right?
  • botabota
    Good boy! AAA++++
  • mman74
    So when they say that there are potentially thousands of planets with the right conditions for life do they take into account the fact that Earth is extremely lucky to have shields like Jupiter taking hits for us.
  • gekko668
    Jupiter, you're my hero. You make all the heroes in the world look weak.

  • teeth_03
    oh,so is that what my dad was talking about *last week*...
  • derek2006
    Anyone else find it funny an amateur astronomer had to call and tell NASA this?