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Jawbone Wristband Helps You Stay Healthy

Developed by quality headset producer Jawbone, Up is a wristband gadget designed to promote health and fitness by using a combination of hardware and software to keep track of your diet and sleep patterns. The user simply wears the wristband which includes all of the necessary sensors to record data while the Up application helps manage and display the data.

The idea behind the gadget is that the wristband will monitor the users activity without being too intrusive or troublesome. The app compliments this design by giving helpful suggestions to the user to promote a healthier lifestyle. Jawbone's goal was to create a product that seamlessly blends in as a simple accessory that serves a greater healthy purpose. We'd say they did a pretty good job although the success of the product relies heavily on the user's willingness to practice healthy habits.

With a stylish design and several color choices in a wristband the size of a regular livestrong band, users will be able to slip the Up on and forget it's even there. No details on pricing have been given just yet but the product is expected to ship later this year with support for both iOS and Android.