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Japanese Men Want Date Game Characters

J-Cast reports that a recent survey conducted by Konami Digital Entertainment polled 500 Japanese men, all in their twenties, asking if they wanted to love a game character. Granted many game vixens could fit the bill rather nicely--Soulcalibur's whip-cracking Ivy could top the list easily--actually feeling some kind of love for virtual characters seems out of the question.

But apparently there are individuals who would love to take gaming to the next level, especially those passive men who have trouble perusing the real thing. The survey revealed that 68.3-percent of the men surveyed fit that passive group, while 42.2-percent of the surveyed men actually enjoyed romances with female game characters. Even more surprising is that 40-percent surveyed actually found the virtual love worthwhile and satisfying.

Konami's survey--if in fact it's real and not some kind of PR stunt for an upcoming game (which wouldn't be surprising)--also reveals that 20-percent of the Japanese men polled actually want a relationship with a character in a game, while a fifth of the men surveyed have felt like falling in love with a game character.

If you wanted to fall in love with a game character, who would it be?