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Fake Radiation SMS Sending Panic Across Asia

Japan was today hit by another earthquake (6.0 magnitude), and the situation at the Fukushima plant remains unstable. With fears that radiation could lead to contamination of food and water, panic about leaks from the plant is not in short supply. However, an SMS message purporting to come from the BBC is creating yet more panic across Asia.

The SMS has been circulating around Asian countries since Monday and warns recipients that radiation from the Fukushima plant could leak beyond Japan into other countries. It names the Philippines in particular and cautions that the radiation is scheduled to reach the country at "around 4pm today." The message instructs people to stay inside for 24 hours if it rains.

The BBC today insisted that it had no part in the "news flash" and reports the Filipino Department of Science and Technology has held a press conference to reassure the public that they are safe even if radiation levels in Japan continue to rise.

Check the full SMS below: