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Nintendo 3DS Owner Fought the Law to be First

There are hardcore Nintendo fans, and then there's Isaiah Triforce Johnson, who was not only the first person in the U.S. (or, at the very least, in New York City) to get a Nintendo Wii, but now also the first to get a Nintendo 3DS.

He was able to do it again as he was the first in line at the Union Square Best Buy, where Nintendo was holding its midnight launch event. In fact, he was first in line a full five days before launch. The 3DS launched on Sunday, but he was already in his first spot by the previous Tuesday.

Here's Triforce getting his prize from the hands of Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America.

His very early showing at the store confused the NYPD, who gave him some trouble for his presence at the store. Check out the video below to hear the man speak.