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Infinity Iron: The Future of Wrinkle-Free?

Ergnomics, idiot-proofing, and interactivity come together for the Infinity Iron design concept. Sculpted like an oversized mouse, the Infinity Iron's top control surface swivels on a wrist-friendly ball joint, with the spherical pivot doubling as a water reservoir for steaming.

Users can access information and helpful tips on different fabrics through the Infinity Iron's touch-screen OLED display, which takes up the upper half of the top. Menus on the side provide easy navigation, just below the prominently white power button. A texturized rubber surface dominates the rest of the control surface, to facilitate grip and prevent slipping.

The household gadget features a database on proper temperatures, and will automatically shut itself down to prevent burns and other ironing-related disasters. Until that happens, users are given the chance to avoid disasters through real-time temperature readouts on the control surface. The central sphere provides another warning, by turning blue once the correct temperature is achieved.

Until designer Adam Wendel provides specifics on the important stuff—like what's the power source—we can only consider his creation a design concept with minimal chance of hitting the market. Updates to follow if and when that changes.